Digital textile design: repeating patterns

Course description

The course is taught on dual boot computers (Mac and PC option) equipped with the latest Adobe CC Photoshop software.  You are welcome to use your own laptop provided it has the latest Adobe CC Photoshop software.  Repeating patterns allow a design to be filled across the width and length of a fabric panel or be used for continuous meterage.  The introduction of digital printing has enabled designs to be developed from a range of sources including scanned drawings and photographs.

This course introduces the processes and workflow for designing for digital printing technology and provides an overview of the different types of printing and services available locally and internationally.  You will be introduced to digitising artwork and optimising your digital images and will learn a range of techniques for creating repeating patterns using Photoshop.  A series of tutorials are provided with step by step instructions covering different approaches for creating a unit of repeat or tile.  The tutorials cover how to use Reflection and Layer Masks and the Offset Filter.  You will also learn how to use Layer Masks to remove the background for individual design elements and how to use the Define Pattern command to create Pattern Fill Layers.


Thursday 8 and Friday 9 December 2022 - Register here

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