International textile development and sourcing workshop

Workshop description

Think Globally, Act Strategically

Our International Textile Development and Sourcing Workshop has been developed and will be delivered by Colleen Ahalt-Eagle, a practicing industry professional.  The workshop will evolve in response to changes in the field, offering the latest trends, skills, and technology that you will need to succeed in the global economy.

Fashion and home furnishings fabrics are a major part of the multi-billion-dollar global textile industry, from organic cotton to bamboo to high-tech performance fabrics for extreme sports like snowboarding.  There’s a growing demand for professionals who can develop, produce, and market the right textiles at the right price, while ensuring that production meets quality and legal standards.  The emerging markets present more opportunities for those with a global perspective.  Topics and skills gained from this course are desirable by companies that produce and market their products around the world.


Thursday 24 and Friday 25 February 2022

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