Research projects

Koau Eni, Tulou

Aloisia Ngata

Exploring Strong Wool-Based Composite Materials For Interior Acoustics

Samuel Wanless

Seamless Knit – Dimensions Unfolding

Jyoti Kalyanji

Human Hand

Fiona Amundsen

Gender-Neutral Knitwear

Daniel Collings

A Wearable Vibration Therapy Device

Farshid Sarmast

Bub – An Interactive Baby Suit

Jonathan Aquino

3 Dimensional Knitted Fabrics

HyunJin Yun and Kate Ramsay

Woven Knit Bag

Nikki Walker

Smart Knee Brace

Arien Hielkema

Photographic Knitwear

Finn Godbolt

Aperture Divider

Connor Hickey

Sonic Textiles

Charlotte Alexander


Chelsea Pratt

A Conductive Knit Structure Investigation

Hollee Fisher, Caroline Stephen and Yasir Al-Hilali

Digital Printing On Wool Fabrics

Textile and Design Lab

3D Illusion

Nadeesha Godamunne

Kinetic Cortex

Colin Anderson, Luis Alonso Sandoval Gomez and Logan Van Riel

Investigating Textile Sensor Characteristics

Sarah De Guzman

Digitally Printed Silk Lightboxes And Sculpture

Miranda Smitheram

Colour Complex

Rachel Carley and Nooroa Tapuni

The Set

Briar Turner and Shalina Sandran

Matanga 'oe Fonua

Talita Tolutau

An Educational Case Study: B Des - Textile Design

Rachelle Moore

Playtime Download

April Gourdie

Parametric Modelling And Digital Manufacturing

Ariya (Xuxu) Amoozegar-Montero

Seamless Knitwear: Singularities In Design

Dr Amanda Smith

3-Dimensional Machine Knitted Forms

Jyoti Kalyanji

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