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January 2020

Lab staffing news

Jyoti Kalyanji

We are delighted to welcome Jyoti Kalyanji, who has joined the lab to help further our knit related research activity with both internal and external partners. Jyoti studied for her undergraduate and Master’s degrees in Textile Design at AUT and is on the verge of completing her PhD. Her research has focused on 3-dimensional knitted shapes using the lab’s Shima Seiki technology. She brings with her a wealth of design experience, knit programming knowledge and a great deal of practical seamless knitting experience gained during her extensive research.

Digital weaving loom commissioned

The lab’s first TC2 model digital weaving loom made by Norwegian Engineering company, Tronrud, was commissioned earlier this month with the help of Vibeke Vesty of Tronrud and local weaver, Agnes Hauptli, who has been using this technology for several years at her Northland studio.

The loom operates by interpreting digitised imagery created in Photoshop into a woven structure by raising and lowering individual warp threads. The weft yarns are inserted manually to produce fabrics up to 71 cm wide making it ideal for research and prototyping new materials. PhD student, Mitali Nautiyal, will be spending the next month or two experimenting with the loom and familiarising herself with the preparation and weaving processes before engaging in any project work.

TC2 Loom

The lab’s venture into woven fabrics gets underway on the TC2 loom

Lab welcomes Canadian artist and researcher

A warm welcome to Associate Professor Kelly Thompson from the Department of Studio Arts at Concordia University in Montreal.

Having grown up and studied in New Zealand, she has spent time in the US and the UK before moving to Canada in 2008. As well as collaborating on a research proposal during her time in New Zealand with TDL Director, Frances Joseph, Kelly will also share her weaving knowledge with us whilst working alongside PhD student, Mitali Nautiyal.

New look for TDL showroom

Recent Master of Design graduate, Finn Godbolt, has created two customised knitted artworks for the lab which are now on display in the showroom.  Finn’s Master’s research focused on the use of jacquard knitting techniques to create photographic replicas using just six yarn colours. Since graduating, Finn has been commissioned to design and produce numerous pieces for interior design applications.

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student's work

One of the knitted jacquard pieces by Finn Godbolt

2020 Short course and workshop dates announced

Dates for our March/April 2020 short courses and workshops have been finalised and online registrations are now open.  The courses are all two days in duration and the programme comprises of the following:

Intoduction to Textiles, International Textile Development and Sourcing, E-Textiles, 3D Simulation and Concept Development, Knitwear Design using the Shima Seiki Apex Design System, Photoshop Basics for Textile Design and Digital Textile Design – Repeating Patterns.

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