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August 2020

Research into 3-Dimensional Knitted Forms results in PhD success

Congratulations to Textile and Design Lab Research Technician, Jyoti Kalyanji, who completed her PhD earlier this month. ;Her research investigated the latent 3-dimensional form-building capability of digital seamless knit technology with the intention of demonstrating the potential of knitted fabric within a new design dimension that incorporates 3-dimensionality, volumetric forms and tactile surfaces. The practice was guided by architectural form building approaches in the systematic fabrication of 3-dimensional volumetric geometries; configurations commonly employed and referenced across domains such as architecture, industrial design and engineering. Jyoti’s thesis will be available within the coming weeks via the AUT library’s Tuwhera repository. For more information about Jyoti’s work and enquiries regarding collaboration in this field, please email tdl@aut.ac.nz

3d Knitting

3-dimensional knitted forms were the focus of Jyoti’s research

Virtu-Wool conference presentation

TDL Director, Professor Frances Joseph, presented a paper entitled ‘Discerning the Emergent New Zealand Innovation Ecosystem’ at the recent Virtu-Wool conference hosted by Crown Research Institute, AgResearch. The paper was co-authored by AUT PhD student and researcher, Mitali Nautiyal. The paper presented their findings from case studies on New Zealand wool innovation that were researched over the 2019-2020 summer period. As well as numerous local presenters, the conference attracted overseas speakers from the UK, Germany, Poland, USA, Australia and Japan.

Welcome to new PhD students

The Textile and Design Lab welcomes two new PhD students, who will be working with us to carry out their respective research projects. AUT graduate, Leona Wang, has joined the School of Future Environments to work on her project entitled ‘The Development of Encoded Fabric Combining Modern Technology with Endangered Heritage Crafts’. International student, Aleksandra Novikova, will also be joining the School of Future Environments to work on her project, ‘The Development of Functional/Ergonomic Rock-Climbing Clothes for Different Climate Zones and Evaluation of the Integration of Smart Sensing Technology’. Both students will be supervised by Frances Joseph and Donna Cleveland.

Short courses and workshops deferred to October - November

As a result of the recent lockdown and associated travel restrictions, the lab’s short course and workshop programme has been deferred until later in the year. Details and dates are as follows:

  • Introduction to Textiles: Thu 12 – Fri 13 November
  • International Textile Development and Sourcing (Online Workshop): Thu 19 – Fri November
  • Digital Textile Design – Repeating Patterns: Thu 19 – Fri 20 November
  • E-Textiles: Thu 26 – Fri 27 November
  • Knitwear Design: Sat 7 – Sun 8 November
  • 3D Simulation and Concept Development: Sat 10 – Sun 11 October
  • Photoshop Basics for Textile Design: Thu 12 – Fri 13 November
  • Introduction to Woven Textiles: Thu 26 – Fri 27 November

Full details and registration

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