About the Textile Design Lab

The Textile and Design Lab was established in 2006 and has since become an integral resource within AUT's Faculty of Design and Creative Technologies. The lab's remit is threefold: supporting research with both internal and external partners; knowledge sharing and student support; and creating mutually beneficial commercial partnerships whereby designers and businesses can access the lab's resources for the purposes of prototyping, sampling and small-scale production.

Our people

Dr Frances Joseph
Dr Frances Joseph is a Professor and Co-Director of the Textile and Design Lab.
Frances' research is concerned with design and new technologies with a focus on areas of e-textiles, aesthetics, materiality and intra-activity. She teaches postgraduate papers in Research Methodology and Embodied Interaction, and supervises numerous Masters and PhD students.
Peter Heslop
Peter Heslop has managed the Textile and Design Lab since its launch in November 2006.
Peter joined AUT having worked in various sectors of the textile industry including raw cotton, denim, yarn production, braids and cords and outdoor fabrics. He attained his Master of Textile Technology degree at Bolton University and is a Chartered Member of the Textile Institute.
Donna Cleveland
Dr Donna Cleveland is a lecturer in Textile Design and teaches on the lab's short course and workshop programme.
Donna completed her PhD in 2018. Her research focused on the creation of a textile waste recycling model for New Zealand businesses by building a re-connection between the value of fashion garments and the textiles involved in their production.
Sharon Evans-Mikellis
Sharon Evans-Mikellis is a Senior Lecturer in Design in AUT’s Department of Fashion and joined the Textile and Design Lab’s management team in 2018.
She is also a practising designer with twenty-five years of working experience in the fashion and textile industry in New Zealand, Europe and Japan, and has teaching experience in both New Zealand and the U.K. Her current research interests focus on exploring alternative perspectives in knitwear design innovation, including product development in textiles; pedagogy for knit, and knitwear design methodology.
Jyoti Kalyanji
Jyoti will complete her PhD in early 2020 and is the Textile and Design Lab’s Research and Development Technician. Her PhD research has focused on 3 dimensional knitted forms.
Her research investigates the latent 3-dimensional form building capability of digital seamless knit technology with the intention of demonstrating the potential of knitted fabric within a new design dimension that incorporates 3-dimensionality, volumetric forms and tactile surfaces. The practice was guided by architectural form building approaches in the systematic fabrication of 3-dimensional volumetric geometries; configurations commonly employed and referenced across domains such as architecture, industrial design and engineering.